We The Students

The Ford government is launching an attack on students’ unions.

Instead of focusing their efforts on improving the quality of education in this province, Doug Ford and Minister Merrilee Fullerton are determined to mislead the hard-working people of Ontario and destroy students’ unions.

Don’t be fooled:

  • The Ford government has levelled an unprecedented attack on our independent, democratic students’ unions.
  • The changes to OSAP Ford wants to make will mean more debt for students.
  • The cuts to college and university budgets will mean larger class sizes, more deferred maintenance and even greater exploitation of workers on campus.

Send the letter below to tell Doug Ford, Merrilee Fullerton, and your MPP to back off! Join people across Ontario in telling this government loud and clear that despite their claim that this announcement is “For the students”, they do not represent us or our interests because #WeAreTheStudents.