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TORONTO, ON – Student organizers, students, academic workers and community are frustrated and outraged at the recent court ruling in favour of University of Toronto’s injunction. University of Toronto filed the injunction in order to approve the forcible removal of student protesters currently as part of the encampment known as the People’s Circle for Palestine. Rather than negotiate in good faith with students, the administration took a heavy handed approach to intimidate and promote violence against student organizers. 

The Federation joined a coalition of interveners, and filed to be intervenors in the case with the understanding that this action from the administration is an attack on the right to protest on campus. 

This ruling sets a precedent for other encampments at several universities, and further puts students in harm’s way. The court ruling in favour of the injunction authorizes the forcible removal and arrest of peaceful protesters, with the administration claiming that the encampment is causing irreparable harm to the institution. The administration claiming irreparable damage is a falsehood and a distraction to the interests of students and the larger issue at hand. UofT’s reputation will continue to be known as an institution that invests in genocide and violates students’ rights to organize. Throughout the encampment, student organizers have been experiencing harm, surveillance, and violence from the administration and campus security. The administration has never cared about the well-being of students and this injunction exemplifies this.

“The court ruling also sets a dangerous precedent for the future of student organizing; whether students are demanding disclosure and divestment, or calling for free education, the administration has now been given permission to continue to intimidate and threaten students with surveillance and violence.”  – Adaeze Mbalaja, Chairperson, CFS-Ontario 

The Federation will continue to support students in their fight for justice, and will always defend students’ right to organize. 

The Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario is the oldest and largest student organization in Ontario, representing over 350,000 college and university students in every region of the province.


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