We at the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario write in a rapidly-changing context as the political situation deteriorates in Afghanistan. We stand in solidarity with affected students, citizens and communities impacted by the devastating fatalities and ongoing events in Afghanistan. 

On August 15th 2021, Taliban forces entered Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and took control of the largest city in the country. This comes as U.S troops withdraw from Afghanistan, a plan that has been in motion over the last few months by the Biden Administration. Today, over 3.5 million Afghans are internally displaced within the country. As it is difficult to flee the country, many fear for their safety under Taliban rule.

As much as it is important to hold the Taliban accountable for the violence, terror and loss of life that they have perpetuated, it is also necessary to recognize the role that many western states, such as the United States, have played in enabling and contributing to the Taliban’s rise in power. We are reminded that foreign intervention in the name of democracy results in conflicts made worse. 

It is vital that we continue to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. 

We urge the Canadian government to extend its humanitarian effort and further welcome Afghan refugees into the country. Canada must not leave refugees behind in Afghanistan. 

We call on all universities and colleges to leverage their influence in demonstrating their support and commitment, by taking part in responses to ensure the continuing education and safety of current and future students fleeing the terror in Afghanistan.

We recognize that the situation in Afghanistan has been overwhelming and upsetting to many.  We would like to offer our support and solidarity to all of the affected community members. We encourage everyone to actively support the Afghan community by staying informed of the ongoing events, taking action, and amplifying the voices of the Afghan community. 

Here are some organizations that are supporting Afghans both at home and abroad: 

Islamic Relief Canada: https://www.islamicreliefcanada.org/emergencies/afghanistan-emergency/
Muslim Aid USA: https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/afghanistan_is_under_a_state_of_emergency#!/
Children Without Borders: https://childrenwithoutborders.ca/
Women for Women International: https://www.womenforwomen.org/where-we-work/afghanistan
Afghan Women’s Organization Refugee & Immigrant services: https://afghanwomen.org/