The Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario is deeply concerned about the Premier of Ontario’s intention to recognize Canada Christian College as a degree granting institution. Students are especially concerned that the Premier has hidden this action within Bill 213, a bill that has nothing to do with Post Secondary Education.

President of Canada Christian College, Charles McVety is known for his homophobic, racist, Islamophobic, and transphobic views. He has actively run campaigns against Equal Marriage, Trans Rights and adoption, and has a history of making horrific Islamophobic comments. Canada Christian College’s leadership, departments and programs have a well documented and longstanding history of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia and more. In 1983, under a Conservative government, the institution was stripped of its ability to grant degrees following a number of scandals.

To afford a person and institution with these known prejudices the power to grant degrees gives power to oppression. The legislature’s decision to award degree granting power to this institution would be in direct opposition to its responsibility to uphold the Ontario Human Rights Code. This action legitimizes a flagrantly hateful, privately funded organization. The Federation strongly opposes the passing of Bill 213 and the prejudice Mr. McVety and the College uphold.

It is gravely concerning that the Premier does not recognize the harmful impacts of his allegiance to Mr. McVety. The Premier’s choice to empower Canada Christian College and Mr. McVety is detrimental to the province of Ontario and the principles of equity it claims to uphold. The Federation is committed to creating more equitable and just campuses and communities. Legitimizing an institution that seeks to do the exact opposite is a massive setback for post-secondary education.

The Premier and the PC government must reverse their decision to support and legitimize the discriminative and harmful practices of Canada Christian College and its leadership. Post-secondary institutions should foster diversity and acceptance to allow all students the opportunity to succeed.