• In May 2019, the Canadian Federation of Students with the York Federation of Students filed a legal challenge against the Ontario Government’s Student Choice Initiative which made democratically determined student fees in the province of Ontario optional. 
  • At the end of November, the Divisional Court released its unanimous decision that deemed the Student Choice Initiative unlawful.
  • Since the ruling, the Ontario Government has served notice that it is seeking leave to appeal the Divisional Court’s decision to the Court of Appeal for Ontario. There is a requirement to obtain leave from the Court of Appeal before Ontario can appeal the decision.  
  • Despite this government’s decision to seek leave to appeal the ruling of the Divisional Court, it is important to note that the ruling remains in place and under the Divisional Court’s order, the Student Choice Initiative is unlawful.  
  • The decision of the Divisional Court is the law and universities and colleges must abide by it. As such, our administrations should continue to collect and remit our local and CFS fees.

We are currently working with our legal team to ensure we are prepared for all possible next steps regarding this legal challenge and we will continue to keep our members updated on the progress of the appeal. 

Thank you to all those who have and continue to support us in protecting the autonomy and ability of student-funded levy groups to exist and thrive on campuses across the province.

Should you have any questions regarding the legal challenge and the appeals process, please contact : 

CFS-Ontario, Kayla Weiler, k.weiler@cfsontario.ca, Ontario Office 416-925-3825

CFS-FCEE, Justine De Jaegher, executivedirector@cfs-fcee.ca 

York Federation of Students, Fatima Babiker, president@yfs.ca