Chairperson: Rajean Hoilett

National Executive Representative: Gayle McFadden

Treasurer: Sami Pritchard

Constituency Coordinator: Rabbia Ashraf

Women’s Commissioner: Marise Hopkins


Francophone and Bilingual Caucus

Francophone and Bilingual Caucus Chairperson: Hadi Wes

Northern Region Caucus

Northern Region Caucus Chairperson: Farhan Yousaf

Ontario Graduate Caucus

Ontario Caucus Chairperson: Mina Rajabi Paak

Ontario Graduate Caucus Deputy Chairperson: Jenna Amirault

Ontario Executive Committee

Chairperson: Rajean Hoilett

National Executive Representative: Gayle McFadden

Treasurer: Sami Pritchard

Constituency Commissioner: Rabbia Ashraf

Women’s Representative: Marise Hopkins

Francophone and Bilingual Caucus Chairperson: Hadi Wes

Northern Region Caucus Chairperson: Farhan Yousaf

Ontario Graduate Caucus Chairperson: Mina Rajabi Paak

Local Representatives

Local 1: Vacant

Local 19: Cristina Jaimungal

Local 20: Brittaney Kent

Local 24: Vacant

Local 25: Vacant

Local 27: Vacant

Local 30: Vacant

Local 32: Farhan Yousaf

Local 39: Vacant

Local 41: Vanessa Dorimain

Local 47: Kirstyn Seanor

Local 48: Chaitanya Dharwa

Local 49: Matthew Dunlop

Local 54: Vacant

Local 56: Vacant

Local 62: Vacant

Local 68: Vacant

Local 71: Ryan Newman

Local 78: Vacant

Local 82: Baffa Yusuf

Local 84: Vacant

Local 85: Galina Ngakala Andzoli

Local 88: Mia Bourque

Local 92: Vacant

Local 93: Vacant

Local 94: Lindsey Thomson

Local 97: Richie Pyne

Local 98: Lucinda Qu

Local 99: Sitharsana Srithas

Local 102: Vacant

Local 104: Theresa Rost

Local 105: Phyllis McKenna

Local 106: Edward King

Local 109: Marise Hopkins

Local 110: Yasser Ghoreishi

Local 111: Vacant

Local 112: Vacant